Finance and Operations Senior Leadership

Rod Lehnertz
Senior Vice President
105 JH
Scott Beckner
Scott Beckner
Assistant Vice President & Director
Public Safety
808 UCC
Lori Berger
Senior HR Director
105 JH
Lynne Finn
Associate Vice President and Director
Facilities Management
200 USB
Photo of Steve Fleagle
Steve Fleagle
Chief Information Officer and Director, ITS (with Executive V.P. and Provost)
Information Technology Services
2800 UCC
Photo of Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson
University Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
105 JH
Photo of David Kieft
David Kieft
Business Manager
301 USB
Photo of Susan Klatt
Susan Klatt
Assistant Vice President and Director of Treasury Operations & Financial Management and University Secretary
Financial Management and Budget
105 JH
Selina J. Martin
University Controller
4 JH
Kathy McDonald
Administrative Services Coordinator
105 JH
Photo of Ted Yanecek
Ted Yanecek
Assistant to the Senior Vice President
105 JH
Debby Zumbach
Assistant Vice President and Director, Purchasing and Business Services
105 JH