David Kieft

Senior Director, University Business and Real Estate
Business Services

David Kieft is the senior director of University Business and Real Estate. He has served in the business manager role since 2013 with responsibilities across the university enterprise, including the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and the UI Research Park. Kieft manages multiple senior-level business functions and responsibilities related to complex contractual and real estate issues. In 2018, he became the director of University Real Estate, Planning & Development when the campus planning group moved from Facilities Management to the business manager's office. The campus planning team is responsible for developing the university's all-encompassing and multi-layered long-term physical master plan.  Kieft's title changed to Senior Director of University Business and Real Estate in 2024.

In 2008, President Mason asked Kieft to come to the University of Iowa, and he arrived just as the Iowa River was overflowing its banks onto the UI campus. He played a crucial role in the dynamic flood recovery plan. He used his experience in economic redevelopment and town and gown relations to create a healthier and safer downtown environment for students with less dangerous drinking and conduct.

Kieft studied international relations from a social justice perspective at Xavier University followed by graduate school in law at the University of Cincinnati.  

Kieft is also a founding member of the Iowa City Downtown District. This organization of property and businesses owners, the university, and the city works to keep downtown Iowa City an incredibly vibrant, diverse, welcoming, safe, and healthy destination for all.  

When not working, Kieft and his partner Ricardo enjoy spending lots of time with their dogs Lola and Brie, working on their home and garden, traveling the world–including many trips to Ricardo's beloved Colombia–drinking amazing wine, and being with friends and family.