Steve Fleagle

Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services

Steve Fleagle is an associate vice president and the chief information officer. He has a dual reporting role to the executive vice prsident adn the provist.He has been CIO since 2004 and has served the UI since 1984, previously holding other IT leadership positions, including director of Telecommunication & Network Services and technical director of the Cardiovascular Image Processing Research Laboratory. During his time as CIO, he has worked with his talented team to align efforts with the missions of teaching and research, with a special emphasis on supporting student success, and to improve efficiencies of IT on campus. 

Fleagle has provided executive-level support to develop and implement a strategic projects roadmap that improves visibility of the IT community’s strategic initiatives. He fostered significant growth in business intelligence services to enable a more data-informed campus. He oversaw the creation of an IT research support group, as well as the strategic transition of IT services to cloud-based services and infrastructure. He also guided the development and implementation of a new student information system with key functionality of admissions, financial aid, registration, advising, communications, and event management. During his tenure, he has helped the university navigate two significant events—the flood of 2008 and the pandemic of 2020—and the creation of a new data center on higher ground after the flood. 

Fleagle graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the UI. Fleagle served on the boards of Unizin and Internet2. Over the past few years, he has worked with the campus IT community to increase collaboration and create a unified organization called OneIT. He is active in higher education collaborations, founding and leading collaborative efforts through his work with the BOREAS 1,500-mile fiber optic regional network, Northern Tier Network Consortium, Big 10 Academic Alliance, and Common Solutions Group.