Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Over the course of the last year, The University of Iowa Parking and Transportation department has been developing a fresh, updated initiative encouraging those in the community to consider alternate transportation options as part of the ‘Unpark Yourself’ campaign. The Unpark Yourself campaign is rooted in making the transportation of those in our community easier, and more efficient. UI Parking and Transportation is hoping to be more transparent in their efforts to make campus transportation more efficient, and to increase understanding of the alternative transportation services they offer.

In making the choice to ‘Unpark Yourself’ customers save money, save auto repair costs, decrease campus traffic congestion, and help fellow members of your community create a more sustainable campus. While the efforts to create a more sustainable and efficient campus aren’t new, the UI Parking and Transportation department has worked to refresh its efforts, hoping it will continue nudging the community to seek alternatives to driving alone.