FO Staff Council Organizational Unit Representative Election Process

Election Criteria

  1. Every three years (or as needed), the Finance & Operations division will elect a Staff Council Organizational Unit Representative to serve as one of 20 Organizational Unit Councilors to the UI Staff Council.
  2. Direct appointments of staff to Staff Council will not be an acceptable method of org representation. An election of staff whereby all eligible, non-bargaining staff in the organization, or combination of organizations, have an opportunity to vote for representation must occur.
  3. The election process will be promoted and staff within the organization will be encouraged to seek election to Staff Council.
  4. Time will be provided for staff councilors to attend regularly scheduled meetings, participate in ad hoc committee work, serve on Council and other University work groups, etc.
  5. An effective exchange of information between representative and administration within/among the organizations that promotes shared governance and enhances activities of the Council on behalf of staff will be promoted.

Operational Year

The operational year of the Council shall be from June l 1 to the following May 31. Elections will take place every three years or when the FO Organizational Unit representative is no longer able to fulfill their term of appointment.

Terms of Membership

  1. Councilors shall serve no more than two consecutive elected three-year terms.
  2. Councilor terms shall be three years unless a vacated term is being completed.
  3. Reelection can be sought after a one-year leave.

FO Organizational Unit Council Nominees

Those eligible for nomination shall be regular employees of the Finance and Operations Division of The University, either full time or part time, who are classified as Professional & Scientific or Merit staff and are not represented by an exclusive bargaining agent.

Council nominees should discuss their desire to be on Council with supervisor(s) to assure that time away from work will be allowed for approximately 3-4 hours per month to conduct Council activities, such as monthly meetings and committee assignments. Refer to Article XI of the UI Staff Council by-laws for councilor duties.

FO Nominations to the Council Membership

The call for nominations shall be as follows:

  1. Three months before June 1 of the election year, but no later than February 1, the FO Organizational Unit (via the Senior HR Representative) shall advertise upcoming nominations for the FO Organizational Unit Councilor. This will typically occur via direct e-mail to all eligible employees and through the Finance & Operations home web page.
  2. Nominations for vacancies in the FO Organizational Unit Category shall be submitted by the nominee to the FO Human Resources Unit Representative of the nominee's employing department no later than March 15.
  3. Nomination forms will request: Name, job classification, employing department, supervisor, years of service to University, years of service in the Finance and Operations Division and a brief biography for each nominee.

Elections to the Council Membership

The Council elections shall be as follows:

The names of all eligible FO Organizational Unit nominees shall be placed on the ballot. Ballots shall be prepared and approved by the FO HR Unit Representatives Committee. Ballots will be electronically distributed to all employees in the Finance and Operations Organizational Unit Category no later than April 1. The deadline for election of councilors will be two weeks after the distribution date.

Following the FO Organizational Unit Category elections, results will be approved by the FO HR Unit Representatives Committee and communicated to the UI Staff Council Elections Committee. The Elections Committee will give FO Organizational Unit representative results to the Council Secretary for permanent Council file no later than two weeks before the operational year begins.

A Councilor may not represent both Job Function and the FO Organizational Unit. In the event the same person is elected to represent a Job Function Category and the FO Organizational Unit Category, the UI Staff Council Elections Committee will determine placement and the representative vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article XV of the UI Staff Council by-laws.

FO Organizational Unit Staff Councilor Role/Duties of Membership

  1. Regularly attend UI Staff Council meetings and participate in discussions.
  2. Solicit information/opinions from constituents and share with Council.
  3. Disseminate Council information to constituents.
  4. Accept at least one Council committee assignment
  5. Attend a variety of FO meetings and events as the FO Staff Councilor, including monthly FO leadership group meetings, periodic FO HR Unit Representative Group meetings, FO Division-wide meetings, etc. (based on topics, availability, etc.)

Finance & Operations Organizational Unit Rep Election Results

Travis Dillavou, Grant Accounting
Brian Hulke, Accounting & Financial Reporting
Richard See, UI HR
Joshua Smith, Facilities Management.

Elected:  Richard R. See, Manager, UI Business Process Improvement, University HR (2013-2016)

Ben Barreras, Management Services Assistant Director, Laundry, Printing & Mailing Services
Ken Friedhoff, Management Services Supervisor, Parking & Transportation
Jeri Ripley King, Sr. Facilities Services Specialist (Assistant Director, Facilities Management), Facilities Management
Rachel Quinlan, Manager, Accounting, University Human Resources – Payroll
Derek Timmerman, Administrative Services Coordinator, Parking & Transportation

Elected:  Jeri Ripley King, Sr. Facilities Services Specialist (Assistant Director, Facilities Management), Facilities Management (2016-2019)