FO Working at Iowa Survey Results - 2014

Thank you for participating in the 2014 Working at Iowa Survey conducted in October 2014. Nearly 69 percent of eligible Finance and Operations employees participated in the survey.

Highlights from the Finance and Operations results include:

  • 93 percent of Finance and Operations employees reported that they know what’s expected of them at work, and 94 percent said they know how their jobs fit into the university’s overall mission.
  • 90 percent would recommend the UI to a friend seeking employment.
  • 89 percent said their work units focus on providing excellent service to those they serve.

Finance and Operations results show more room for improvement in three areas: fair distribution of workloads, effective management of conflict within work units and recognition of staff accomplishments:

  • 70 percent agreed that workloads are distributed fairly.
  • 71 percent said work unit conflicts are managed effectively.
  • 71 percent agreed that the UI does a good job of recognizing the accomplishments of faculty/staff.

View the Finance and Operations 2014 Working at Iowa Survey Results:   PDF icon05.pdf

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