Addendum/Guide to Merit Grievance Procedure

This document is intended as a guide for Finance and Operations merit staff, supervisors and HR professionals related to the Merit System Members Grievance Procedure outlined in the UI Operations Manual: Grievance processes and timelines are clearly outlined in the policy, however, this addendum guide is intended to provide Finance and Operations merit staff members direction as to which individuals will serve as the point of contact at the various grievance steps.

Grievance Step 1 - Employee’s immediate/administrative supervisor

  • Recommend supervisor consult with their HR Unit Representative upon receipt of a grievance.

Grievance Step 2 – Administrative Head of the Unit or Department

In Finance and Operations, these individuals are *:

  • Business Services: Debby Zumbach, Associate Vice President and Director, Purchasing and Business Services.
    • Parking and Transportation
    • Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Travel
    • University Shared Services
    • Laundry Services
    • Printing and Mailing Service, Surplus, Materials Management
    • Risk Management
  • Department of Public Safety: Scott Beckner, Assistant Vice President and Director, Public Safety
  • Facilities Management: Don Guckert, Associate Vice President and Director, Facilities Management
  • Financial Management and Budget and F&O Human Resources: Susan Klatt, Director, Financial Management and Budget and University Secretary
  • Treasury Operations: Cynthia Bartels, Chief Investment Officer and Director, Treasury Operations
  • University Business Manager and UI Space Planning: David Kieft, University Business Manager
  • University Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer’s Offices: Terry Johnson
    • Controller’s Office
    • Accounting and Financial Reporting/ and Capital Assets Management
    • Grant Accounting
    • Financial Analysis
    • Tax Manager

* Please note, the policy allows for these individuals to assign a designee to hear (if desired) and reply to the grievance after the grievance is delivered to the above contact. Recommend that the HR Unit Representative be involved in and/or made aware of the grievance process at Step 2.

Grievance Step 3 – Head of major functional or administrative unit of the University with a copy sent to Senior Human Resources Leader for the administrative unit.

In Finance and Operations, these individuals are:

  • Head of major functional unit: Director, UI Employee and Labor Relations –
  • Senior Human Resources Leader: Suzanne Hilleman

Both the Director of UI Employee and Labor Relations and the Senior HR Leader will participate in the Step 3 grievance hearing and response.